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Our story

Once upon a time there were two pregnant friends who could no longer hide the joys of their baby bumps... or fit in the clothes in their closets! A third friend, through creativity and craftsmanship, showed the two that attention to the needs of a future mother can be turned into clothes that are friendly to their new body shapes without compromising design or aesthetics.


Moreover, the clothes can help the future or new mother through hacks meant to make her life easier: pockets, hidden zippers for fast breastfeeding, staples that adjust the cut according to body changes.


The three friends decided to work together to turn a pregnant woman's often frustrating shopping experience into what it should be: a pleasure, a celebration of every inch gained in circumference, every extra kilogram gained and the wonder that grows in their bellies.


All our clothes are created to ensure a sense of well-being to women who are going through this incomparable change in their lives. They are also a helping hand thanks to the functionalities designed as an essential support for each stage - from the first trimester to the first years of life.


The principles we follow are: lasting functionality, maximum style, and minimum waste.

We produce in small batches, strictly based on the request of our customers, which allows us to fine-tune, correct and constantly improve our designs. We focus on materials with longevity and low environmental impact, natural, recycled or organic fibers that are biodegradable.


Together with the designer who signs the KūMOTZ collections, Astrid Țîrlea, we thought of versatile pieces that do not lose their functionality and that our clients can wear not only during pregnancy or breastfeeding. We opted for the production of small quantities both from the perspective of style uniqueness, but also out of  respect for the environment, by reducing product waste.




Madalina Stamp - Marketing & PR
Denisa Todor - Legal & Finance
Astrid Țîrlea - Designer

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